Links to Our Story

Using the links on this page, you have the opportunity to visit Fang and Vix’s historic settings and locations referenced in The Vampire Dating Dot Com Diaries.

In his dating dot com profile, Guy said that all that really matters is chocolate, coffee and unconditional love. He sent Thea a box of her favorite chocolate covered cherries from Russo’s Candies in Saugus, Mass. This is chocolate to die for.

After three and a half months of waiting, Guy and Thea decided to meet in Solvang, California, an adorable Danish Village for their first date. Guy told Thea to meet him at the most romantic restaurant in the Santa Ynez Valley, Mattie’s Tavern, where he spread rose petals on the floor, from the entry to the fireplace. There he patiently waited, sipping his cognac, until Thea acting on her fantasy, approached him from behind and whispered in his ear, “Eternity is not enough, my Fang.”

The vignette “The Pearls” takes place at the Imperial Palace in St. Petersburg, otherwise known as the Hermitage,

The Castle Orloff as seen on the Christmas Card Thea made for Guy. Located outside Budapest. Fang and Vix in the foreground.

Versailles on Bastille day is the scene of much conspicuous consumption followed by carnage and a narrow escape for the Orloff vampires.

Hotel d’Dieu in Paris is considered the first hospital in Paris. Fang and Vix took some sustenance there in an episode in Volume 2.